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Milli janatkova the independent music awards vox populi winner 2018
Ima vox pop winner
Lenka lichtenberg new age winner and milli janatkova a capella vox pop winner imas 2018 kopie
Milli Janatková's natural ability to interconnect various genres is really remarkable. Extraordinary, genuine recordings.”

Tomáš S. Polívka (Rock&All)

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Milli´s voice is very colorful with a deep immersion into human emotion, along with an emergent narration. Milli´s modesty and human genuineness is outstanding. It is a celebration of the human voice that warms our hearts.”

Jan Hocek (

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Milli Janatková’ s creative work takes in vocal, guitar, percussion and drums, painting and graphics. She studied at the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and abroad at the Departments of Music and Theatre at the University of Évora, Portugal, and vocal master classes with Aga Zaryan and Joana Machado. She has been performing since 2006 and exhibiting her art work since 2003. Her solo debut Transformation (2013) has been honored with four nominations for The Independent Music Awards 2014, USA. Milli´s music has been honored with four other nominations for the IMAs 2016, USA. Since 2015 Milli has been working on her multimedia project To My RootsThe new album To My Roots - Milli Janatková Quartet and guests was released in 2017 and it has been honored with the nomination for the prestigious Classic Prague Awards in the Crossover category. The song Mothers´Magic  has won The VOX POPULI Award -  The 16th Independent Music Awards, USA in A Capella category. In March 2018 Milli releases a new music video Mothers´ Magic. The story tells about forgiveness and supports loving family relationships. It inspires to open and cope with the taboos of World Wars or socialist trauma and suppressed emotions that often influence the following generations and today´s society atmosphere. It brings hope, understanding and discussion. The project has been financially supported by public crowdfunding, Milli´s native town Mělník and The State Fund of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic. Milli has been interconnecting her original projects Quiet, please! and To My Roots. The main goal is a motivation to renew trust between people, as well as for them to respect to each other by understanding and interconnectiong. Milli also devotes her time to educational and social projects, supporting kids and adults with special needs. Be a part of the story which is a journey to courage and hope.

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